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Lesson Plans: Historical Timeline Quiz Bowl

Grade Level: Grades 6 –10
Objective: To learn and share a variety of interesting historical facts about the United States while familiarizing oneself with the ABC the USA database. 
Duration: 1 – 2 hours
Materials: Historical Timeline Quiz Bowl instructions, pen/pencil and paper or word processing capabilities, individual access to ABC the USA for all participating students

Instructions: Use the various historical timelines in ABC the USA to create a 10-question quiz; then administer it to a classmate while taking his/her quiz.

Assignment 1: Make your quiz.

  • Review the various historical timelines in ABC the USA (see Historical Timelines under Reference).
  • Select 10 interesting facts from across the 19 timelines.
  • Write each fact up in the form of a question. For example, “Which political party was the first to make women’s suffrage a part of its platform?”
  • Use these questions to write a quiz that can be shared with a classmate, preferably electronically.
  • In a separate document, make note of the answer to each question and where you found it.

Assignment 2: Share your quiz.

  • Exchange quizzes with a classmate.
  • Use ABC the USA’s historical timelines to research the answers to the quiz questions.
  • Look for clues in the questions to help you decide how to search. For example, to answer a question about the Underground Railroad, you might start by looking at the Slavery timeline. To answer a question about colonial American currency, look at the US Treasury timeline.
  • Help your partner if necessary by giving hints.
  • Exchange completed quizzes and compare your partner’s answers with your answer guide. Give him or her a score: 10/10, 7/10, etc.

Assignment 3: Mix it up!

  • Switch partners and repeat Assignment 2 as desired.
  • At the end of the quiz bowl, add up your total points. The student with the highest point total wins the title of Quizmaster.
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